What is the difference between overalls for dogs
Coveralls for dogs are made with sleeves and have different types of clipping and purpose.
Coveralls clipping

The zipper closes from head to tail. The bellies of this type of clipping for dogs are maximally closed (according to the dog’s gender) for maximum protection against dirt, which is why there are different models for females and males.
Buckles at the belly. Such clothes are universal. They are suitable for both males and females. Less protection of the abdomen against dirt.

Suitable purposes of overalls

Thinly lined rain suits (raincoats) are suitable for all seasons against moisture;
Overalls with warmth (winter) are designed for winter use and protect against cold and moisture. The lining is different. There are thinner ones with a fleece lining and thicker ones with a plush material;
The thin summer overalls are made of cotton, do not restrict movement, are designed to protect against dust and twigs getting into the coat and are a partial protection against ticks.

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