About Baltagauja

Decisions that make a difference in your life

“Life can be unbelievable – days, weeks, months, years without a single new feeling. But just open the door and a whole avalanche of feelings comes crashing down on him.” (Paulo Coelho)

The beginning

After a lot of discussion in the family, we finally decided to get a West Highland White Terrier (Westie). Although we did not plan to breed or show, there was no doubt that it would be a pedigreed dog, as I had seen my parents’ choice from a young age – either pedigreed or fostered.

It was not difficult to choose our first westie after listening to our hearts. Soon the house was filled with a new puppy – Portas (King of white bears from Kipšiukas), whose goal in life was to upset and crush everything!

With the arrival of this little boy we started traveling to exhibitions, making new relationships and having new experiences. I had to overcome myself and my fears. With each challenge overcome came the experience of new emotions and the gaining of new skills.

Why Baltagauja ?

With the new phase – breeding and the registration of the kennel name, a long overdue, simple name was born:

Balta – purity, goodness.

Gauja – family.

Often we hear questions: what kind of clothing is comfortable, what kind of comb is suitable… the idea was born to create an e.shop, where lovers of the breed could find what they need to take care of their pets.

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